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Art is WORK?!?

January 8, 2010

For years now, I have had comments like “oh, it must be nice to play instead of work”.  PLAY??? Are you kidding me?  Only a non-artist would SAY that! When I am fully engaged in the work, my full concentration…sometimes with body movement, is actively into the work at hand.

There is WORK involved.  Numerous sketches are often completed, even before a painter starts an artwork.  Even after the work begins, more sketches are made…because sometimes what the brain says will compositionally work, does not pan-out when painted on the canvas. 

We artists will do RESEARCH.  Lots of it.  I do research  about genres, places, historical events surrounding a concept, read several versions of legends and myths [for some of my work], etc.etc.  For me, this is an ongoing task, even once an artwork begins! 

I love books.  I have bookcases full of many books.  Books covering all aspects of the many things that I have interest in, and have based my paintings and altered arts upon multiple subject areas.  I could use the books in the library, but the library does not have all that I need.  I prefer to refer often to my books.  There are also reference books of all sorts in my personal library, to aid me in conceptualizing the imagery in which wish to create. 

Then there is the “problematic” composition.  But, that’s another blog.  I will address that issue next…

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