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Its a Jungle Out There…

January 11, 2010

Yesterday I felt like I was standing on the edge of the jungle without anything to cut a path.  This was due to my attempts to do various tasks on the internet. I used to consider myself rather savvy about doing things on the computer.  Uh, how many years ago was that now?

But, I haven’t been good about jumping into all the latest trends, especially on the internet.  I love to learn new things, don’t get me wrong.  For me, maneuvering through the information about new platforms or programs is by itself a bit dicey.  Much less jumping through all the hoops to get to the point where I can knowledgeably use new venues.

Let me give you an example…I decided to sell some of my stuff on eBay.  I have several email portals for various purposes.  I chose to use the email I opened for the purpose of accepting “junk mail” from the internet that I continually forget to use for “junk mail”.  Well and good. 

Then, when trying to enter an ID for eBAy, well…now THAT was interesting.  15 minutes of re-entering names.  I hate it when the sites suggest something with 500 numbers after it.  There I am with the Roget’s Thesaurus, dictionary, and Dictionary of Symbolism madly thumbing through pages to find that “right” word in which no one else has actually used for an ID. Entering each profound one until finally a satisfactorial completion! The ID was accepted by eBay.

It took another 40 minutes to complete the payment information.  I have PayPal for my Etsy site.  It was just a matter of making a personal PayPal account.  Should be simple right? A word to the wise…you must have separate bank accounts for each of your PayPal accounts or PayPal will not allow the bank account number.  Once you have jumped this particular hoop, then they require a validation of the bank account. 

I had to log-out of the personal PayPal account I had begun, then log into my business PayPal account.  Delete my personal bank account information that I had as a “back-up” in that business account. It was not even a “default” account [so if you want to ever use an account number from your bank keep this in mind]! Then I had to get logged out of there, and go back and log into the personal account, find the banking information and re-submit.  Wow, what a hassle.

So then, once PayPal was sorted-out, it was a matter of submitting the listing on eBay.  This should be a simple task, right? I was feeling pretty good about how it was going…had the description written, measured my item and input that information, eBay showed the image of my item so that was a “done deal”, boy this was easy! Uh, no.

I clicked to look at the listing eBay actually would show to the public.  No image showing. Oh, so I can’t show the image YOU already have? Come on! Instead it showed a grayed out image of overlapping pages. What is that about?

There I was digging out the camera, doing a photo-shoot.  Then, of course, the image must be the right size, you know, not more than blah-blah-blah mg.  I uploaded the image I took, put it in Photoshop, cropped and resized then saved.  Whew.

Two hours into the task, I can finally get my eBay account approved.  The listing is showing, it is now waiting for bids.  Can you say, “seriously ridiculous”?  Is it just me, or does anyone else have a similar experience? Next time I am getting a machete…

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