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Still Learning

January 30, 2010

There is that thing, you know the thing where a new platform [to you, anyway] always require learning something new. I have heard about “Craig’s List” and “eBay” selling, and my daughter swears by the latter.  But, it one thing to buy, it’s another to sell.

So, I decided to sell the old sewing machine on eBay.  During the sign-up, realized that I needed to open a new PayPal account, couldn’t use the same bank account as the one used for my Etsy account.  Remember all that in my earlier blog?

Well, the bidding ended, I had a sale.  I did not know what to do next, because it said “pending”.  What I didn’t realize is that it was “pending” my acceptance of the money! *smacking my forehead*  Ok some of us are a little slow on the uptake!

So after the thing sat a few days, I clicked on it.  “oh, I was supposed to accept the payment” I said to myself. Well, no duh.  So, I transferred the money to my account.  Then went to into processing of the item.

Realizing then, UPS gives discounted rates to eBay sellers.  Well, that would be cool!  I signed up for UPS did all the processes necessary to become a UPS shipper.  Then tried to process the shipping label for the customer on eBay.

I had already requested all my money for a deposit into my bank account.  No money was in PayPal.  So, I then requested a tranfer of the amount needed for the shipping label back to paypal from my label.

Should be easy, right?  One was before the other, so the transfer back amount would be covered.  NEVER ASSUME! I had very little money in my personal account.  PayPal requested the money [for the shipping label] , then on the next day deposited.  I got charged overdraft fees, and my “sale” was -$6.00.

I am still learning….

I went online to the UPS site, to see where to take my package for shipping.  There were letter drop off points in town, no large package drop-offs.  Did I want to chance I would see the UPS guy somewhere in town and flag him down?  Wouldn’t be a good idea, the sale was several days earlier and the package needed to be shipped.

The nearest place to ship was 30 miles away!  Fortunately, I go to that town to work, four days a week.  After work, I am trying to make heads or tails of the map I got off the internet.  I called the operator at work for directions, promptly got lost in the industrial end of town.  Finally, found the place!  Whoo-hoo! The package is somewhere between here and there, I have lost money, but I’m still learning!

Tell me your experiences with the old “learning curve” in technology new to you!

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