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February 5, 2010

Now that the quirks and kinks have been worked out with paypal, all lessons learned with eBay, its time to think about the next stage of doing my work: the design of a business, and the design of art projects/products that will be created  for the business. 

Now, so far, I have been mostly just thinking about getting what I have already made, loaded on the Etsy site. Then posting images into the “albums” in my fan page of Facebook.

When I started with the Etsy site, I really did not think about “business” per se.  Now, I am back-tracking and creating a plan for Etsy, Flickr, Facebook and any other venue online that I have begun. I am looking at “branding” my product, or the style of work that I will be creating.

Time to get the design ideas from head to page, then into reality.  I realized yesterday that planning for holidays during the year and the gift items that customers could potentially purchase means that you should plan ahead.  Kind of like doing event-planning, or an exhibit.  With exhibits I have always thought about a theme, a coherent and cohesive topic for the work.

With my Etsy site, I have been all over the place.  Its been a good jolt for the creative juices, though!  Now, its time to think it through and have coherency between all the items that are in my Etsy shop, in the online fan pages, and flickr. I am a jump-in and do person, and not a sit down to plan it out person. 

For example: Changes I have made to the avatar for my Etsy shop [below].  


The image to the left is the new avatar.  I think its much more interesting than the old one, on the right.  It also coordinates much more better with the banner!

So the next few blogs will be all about the concept of design.  I’m not talking just about design in the sense of each product or art project. I am talking about designing a business…creatively.

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