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Customer Service

March 26, 2010

If you have ever experienced a customer service representative who was rude, not receiving your online order, or a company ill prepared to send out product…you will appreciate this post! This blog dedicated to all of you who suffered from the lack of good customer services!

I made an order in early January. I wanted to used the items ordered to make beaded Valentine’s Day items [rather last-minute].  Three weeks later, I emailed an inquiry about the order because I had heard nothing from the seller.

I was told a bunch of excuses as to why it was not sent.  No apology for not sending the order.  Yes, the seller said it may take 10 days to fill the order, but 3 weeks?

The seller said they had made the beads, the beads were not up to standard, having problems getting them up to standard, tried three times, who cares?  I just wanted my order!

Then, in February, I wrote again, because the order had not been sent.  I received a not-so-nice response about how I should plan better for making items for selling for holidays like Valentine’s Day.  I canceled the order at that point.

The seller emailed at this point, saying it was sent. The email included a tracking number.  I waited a week for delivery.  It had not come in the mail.  So I checked the tracking number, on the USPS site. The  USPS  site had record of the request, but the package had not been picked-up nor brought into the Post Office.

I requested a refund.  I got more excuses, and comments that were rude.  To make a long story short…the order was made January 7th, I received the remainder of what was owed to me, today [March 26th].  I had a refund for part of the order prior.

THIS is an example of what NOT to do when working with customers!

When doing an online business and an order is made, an email should immediately be sent to the customer to acknowledge the order. You should have the customer address in the acknowledgment email. If the address is incorrect, the customer can respond to let you know.

When the order is sent, another email should be sent to the customer with the tracking number.  Yes, it will cost a couple dollars more, but then both you and the customer can trace that package! All shipping companies have the capability of tracing or tracking packages. This is just common sense.

Another aspect is the product itself.  Don’t start the creation of the item you sell, upon its order. It should not be listed for sale, unless you’re ready to ship the product!  If you have none available, tell the customer its “back-ordered” and then give them a reasonable time-frame in which it will be sent. Weeks or a couple of months is entirely too long to expect a customer to wait.

No one wants to have a large inventory sitting on the shelf.  But, if you list an item that you know moves rather quickly, then you should have several on hand and continue production of that product to replace what is sold!  Otherwise, don’t list it!

You will lose your customer-base, if you do not treat them well.  For each unhappy customer you loose 20 more! Here is a salute to satisfied customers!

Do you agree with me, or disagree?

Share your own customer service faux pas [if you own a business[?

I would like to know what you would expect from a company as a customer service policy.

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