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The Vagabond Artist

April 9, 2010

For some artists, the issue of what supplies to take when traveling can be difficult and puzzling.  Keep it light and simple, yet take what you will need to do your art!  Also, if you are going “across the pond”, you can pick up supplies like X-acto knives and liquid paints when you get there if you really feel its necessary.

If you are a painter, sculptor, print-maker [or any other media for that matter] you can do the larger and more complex work once you get back home.  Do simple studies in a sketchbook, take loads of photographs, and have fun being the traveler!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The small watercolors and drawings in this slide show are some
examples of the work I have done while traveling in the UK.

I took with me [in 2002, and again, in 2007] a metal pencil box, only 3/4 inches deep and about 3″ X 7″ to visit the UK.  It  contained an ink pen, sandpaper pad, graphite pencils, 6″ plastic ruler, and selected colored pencils.  Along with this metal container was a small travel pan watercolor set, and brush.  Finally, two sketch pads…one with watercolor papers, and the other had drawing papers.  That was it.

While I traveled in 2002, the route that was taken was documented on a map.  In the sketchbook were numerous notations on what was sketched.  In the notations: where it was located, the date, and my impressions.

Let’s not forget…the camera!  It is an artist’s tool, a tourist is not caught without one.  I use a camera with film, 35mm film at that!  There are shops all over the place to develop film, so I do my film development at 1-hr shops along the way.

If you are an artist:

Do you travel with supplies?

What supplies do you bring? why?

What kind of camera do you bring?

How are your photos used later?

If you are not an artist, but would like to try your hand at creativity when traveling:

Was this blog helpful?

Would you try your hand at doing artwork while traveling?

Please, share your experience!

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