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Media and Saving Images

April 23, 2010

I spent an afternoon [a few weeks ago] at the local library, retrieving images from my ZIP disks.  My ZIP drive died quite awhile ago and there was no way to get these image files again without totally taking apart the framed work to scan them or do a photo-shoot.

All the while, thinking to myself, this time could have been spent working on artwork! What with working at “the day job” and then making jewelry after teaching, there is not a whole lot of time to play around! There should be a means in which a person can keep images of their artwork, without having to go the library or buying new equipment every time the computer geeks come up with some new idea for saving media!

Watercolor 4" X 6"

This is one of the images that I retrieved.  It is going to become one of the works that will be made into plaques, jewelry [“memory frames”], and digital prints.

There is a reason behind this hassle, you understand.  Who wants to repeatedly redo the photography of their artworks?  Time is a bugger. So, today I go back with the next stack of ZIP disks, to retrieve more of my artworks.  Its just another day in the life of an artist, I guess.

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