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Call to Action

July 27, 2010

Throughout art history artists have expressed their view on all sorts of social and political issues.  I think it is  OUR WORK, as artists to create with the idea of informing, which addresses and creates a dialog on the issues of the day.  It’s our duty as artists and citizens to have art that expresses what we think is important.

Article 15: Everyone Has the Right to Nationality and to Change it. 1996

What I would like to see is RANDOM ACTS of ART set out for other artists to add-to or modify.  These would be works that use found objects and/or what constitutes as “trash”.  The subject is:  GLOBAL WARMING and CORPORATE GREED vs. THE ENVIRONMENT.


1.  Set the work where others would be able to alter the art. Size is not limited, media is not limited, etc.

2. Place the tag: GLOBAL WARMING and CORPORATE GREED vs. THE ENVIRONMENT on the work in a hand-decorated manner.  You need to photograph the work, and list your location and name.

3. Post it here on my blog.  I will post those images everywhere I can on the net to advertise what we are doing and why we are doing it.

4. Do not deface anything for this project!  You must obtain the written permission of the city, or state [depending on what or where the object is located] in order to modify it.  For example: park benches.

5. Make it bold.  Make it stand-out.  Make it CREATIVE!

*All works that are not on the topic will be deleted from the list.

~The artwork shown here is taken from the Art Appreciation book “Artforms”, taught in colleges all over the United States.

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