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January 28, 2011
Sketchbook Project pages

2010 Sketchbook Project pages

In the final pages,  I gradually used less and less color, allowing the sketches “speak” for themselves.  On the left are two pages I particularly had fun with. The dragonfly is a particularly mystical creature for indigenous people, with its head designed into a medicine wheel.  There is a snail, plants and a red butterfly. The butterfly, as far as I know is not from anything in the real world.

Butterflies have their own mystical meaning.  They are the basis of the name I chose for my business.  The butterfly moves from stage to stage in an endless cycle of change.  The larvae, the cocoon and finally it bursts open and the butterfly emerges.  It lays eggs, that become larvae…and so the cycle continues.

All life is change.  Nothing stays frozen in time.  We can always count on change occurring, even in nature.

manmade change in nature

Sketchbook Project-detail

The Sketchbook Project theme was “Secret Codes”.  My codes were through imagery that told of the misery created by man in the natural world.

The image to the left illustrative of what toxic pollutant have done…mutated, genetically altered the creatures of the wild.  It is an actual fact, that before regulations were put in place, companies dumped wastes into our water sources [including the ocean].  They also buried wastes in cans, that now are deteriorating.

Global warming is mostly about polluting, toxic dumping, lack of concern for future consequences.  I illustrated what has happened, what will happen, man’s broken trust with nature.

If you want to see more pages go to where the Sketchbook Project, and my profile reside.  You can see the project as it travels the country!

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