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May 6, 2011

Some people look to others in order to learn.  We call these others our “mentors”.  My mentors for my art career are people in which I have never met.  I chose them for the qualities they possess, or life situations they have moved through that enabled their doing their art.

One such artist and “mentor” was:   Frida Kahlo.

Now, I may not support her political views, but I do appreciate the struggle she had in doing her artwork with a severe disability.  I first saw her work in a drawing class.  I took the class at a point of time when my disability had caused me to feel really depressed.

The instructor showed a slide presentation of the work of  Frida Kahlo.  Her artwork [shown here] “The Broken Column” altered my life!

The Broken Column

“I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint.”
– Frida Kahlo.

I had found out a couple years before then, that I had osteo-arthritis in my spine, hands and feet.  It was developing in my cervical spine as well.  When I saw this particular painting, it shouted,  not just “spoke” to me.  I understood it.  I lived it, worked around it, dealt with pain daily.

Thank you Frida Kahlo for letting me see that no matter what, I could create art! I hope I never have to do so from my bed…as she had to do while creating her earliest work.

I resisted doing any art that was not realistic previous to viewing Frida Kahlo‘s work.  Now, my work is quasi-surrealism.  I do not work within cultural folklorism as Frida Kahlo had done in her work, but use bright and bold colors because that is what I feel is expressing my outlook on life…bright, bold, hopeful.

Someday, I will go to Mexico and see the “Blue House” Diego Rivera donated.  It will be a chance to see how this wonderful spunky artist lived.  Until then, I will create…create…create!

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  1. johnlmalone permalink
    May 8, 2011 7:22 am

    I have just posted a blog about mentors so I was looking around to see what others had to say on the topic. I like your blog. I like Frida Kahlo — I saw her work in Adelaide during one of our festivals — and admire her very much. I see she has inspired you and that is good. I have added you to my list of favourites to see what you come up with in the near future

    • May 9, 2011 7:53 pm


      I like poetry myself…read your blog posting, btw…and find simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. Many writers do short and simple poetry that has deep layers of meaning.

      In my young years, I worked in several media of art, was a guitarist at local coffee shops, wrote and read poetry, wrote my own songs even. Loved it all!

      Metamorphis Arts

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