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The HOUSE Series

May 18, 2011

The HOUSE  series began with my trip to the United Kingdom, in 2002.  In the first “leg” of the trip I had traveled through southern England over to Wells, then into southern Wales.  The trip was all about the legends of King Arthur.  I wanted to explore the places that were mentioned in the various stories.

After leaving London, I traveled south to several places.  I found a
hostel in Glastonbury, staying several days.  The Tor was there, and a place
where Arthur had lived was a few miles away…or so the legends say.

After Wells, England I went into southern Wales.  My plan was to explore the area where Merlin was said to be born, near Camarthen.  I stayed at a hostel near there, in Llansteffan [Pant-yr-Athro].  Then I had hiked around the area.

I wandered down the road from the hostel one day, and found the lovely scene painted here:

I painted another one, similar to it. It will be featured in the next blog, continuing the information about the HOUSE Series!

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