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The House Series 2

May 26, 2011
The houses close-up

Copr. 2002, Donna Duncan

The houses were slightly different when you looked at one area across the bay, than another.  I chose to leave all the trees in this second painting, and more color.  The ink-line in the first painting gave more detail, but yet the color was not as intense. I suppose it was due to the buildings being white-washed.  No diversity of color existed.

The area from which the second painting was located was better suited to developing a more rich palette. I was drawn into the landscape more with this second painting, than I was with the first painting.  It had a “story” to be told in the richness of color and hue. In the rolling green hills with lush trees and shrubbery.

In both the first and the second painting, the houses had “life”, don’t get me wrong.  Houses and buildings in England, and Wales have more “history” than those found in the United States…unless you are living on the East Coast of the United States.  Even the latter homes are much newer than most of what you may find in England, or Wales.

The hills behind the houses

Copr. 2002, Donna Duncan

What I loved was the brick, the cobble-stone, and the masonry found in the structures.  The chimneys atop the houses were different in shape than what I have seen in the United States. These chimneys jutted out of the roofs of most buildings with duel smoke exits.  They have no resemblance to an American chimney.

Could these chimneys be fashioned this way due to more than one fireplace? Maybe a reader from  that area can inform me.  Also, I later learned that coal-mining was done in Southern Wales, which I assume was a source for heat production in these fireplaces.

The image to the left is the area behind the houses.  It was full of trees, underbrush, and rolling hills.

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