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Spirit of Place – What You Seek

August 13, 2011

In this portion of the series are three images within the theme of “What You Seek”. The plan was to create a more compact size, unlike my earlier works in the “Spirit of Place” series. The earlier works ranged from 48″ X 40″ to 30″ X 24″.

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My thought was to make elegant and colorful works that would inspire…and works that would not overpower the space in which they reside.  Thus causing the viewer to step inward and towards the work to engage the viewer. Each image is on a canvas board 10″ X 8″ in size.

On these three works are the phrases: “What You Seek…”; “Is Seeking You”; “Trust in Dreams”; “You were born with wings”.  These phrases are meant to be inspirational, to encourage the viewer to become engaged in creative visualization and alter their reality. To step beyond the ordinary and reach for what is possible.

I needed this encouragement as much as I felt any viewer would need it.  I had “bought out” of my lease for my apartment, and was sleeping on my daughter’s couch.  My income was slowly diminishing.

My humor [my current address is: Buick Park Avenue] and my ability to still be inspired [see above quotes] with the possibilities in life, keeps me sustained.  Along with these, my loving family and art.

Unemployment will run-out soon. I hopefully will have a class to teach this fall, if enough students enroll…and earn a small wage.  No real Christmas will be planned this year except for “the Twelve Days of Christmas” for my four handsome grandsons.

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