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September 23, 2011

This year has been a time of learning for me.  Having taken business courses as my minor in my undergraduate studies, I had some skills to utilize for selling my art. But, after placing the artwork on found those skills were not as important as knowing about online business.

After a year on Etsy I figured out that my lack of knowledge on online business skills was the issue. It was then that I downloaded the Etsy handbook, and opened it up, saved it, then placed the handbook in “my documents” on my computer.  The handbook is a chunky bit of information, with lots of things to learn and do.

With the help of Etsy’s “success” series, I was able to modify my listings and make a few sales.  I joined a few groups, started a blog, and bought a couple books to assist me in understanding the online environment and how to blog successfully.

It is predominately the use of photography of the work being sold that seems important for selling in an online store, in which Etsy emphasizes.  Photography was never my real strong suit. But, it is slowly improving with the help of books on photography and experimentation.  Using a photography program to enhance my photos has helped!

I am coming up on my second year anniversary with Etsy.  On two occasions, I had considered giving up on selling online.  A trait that is not so endearing to people close to me, keeps me moving forward.  I hope that the shop will do well this fall.

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