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Gaia’s Adornments – Part 1

December 1, 2011

In 1986 a woman visiting her sister in the same town,  Heather, introduced me to the joy of jewelry-making. Back then it was bead-work, and various sizes of cabochons.  She taught me the art of beading, and how to finish the work with nice backings.

When my children and I moved to the same state that Heather lived in 1989, we continued to work in jewelry-making.  She would sell pieces at her booth for me.  It became a “side” income.

After moving, I continued to do bead-work but not selling pieces for several years.  From 1997 until 1999 I gradually changed the style of my work, selling my work, but mostly gifting pieces to friends and family.

In 2009 I realized that I really enjoyed designing elegant pieces of jewelry.  The first piece of my own design was based on Tribal Belly Dance jewelry, such as the one below:

It was fun to design but not all play.  There were new techniques to learn, new things to consider in comparison to working with seed beads and cabochons. Such as color combinations, shapes of and size of beads, making the metal loop at the top to place the pierced hoop for the ear.

My early work with metals was a challenge that became rewarding.  The image below shows the combined findings used within the piece:

Fortunately for me, my now x-son-in-law gave me his old digital camera. Learning to USE that camera has been interesting to say the least!  It has a zoom, but not designed for the close photography required in jewelry photography. With experimentation, I learned the best way to use natural lighting and props to show my jewelry.

Found at:   Lorenz Shoe Store in Iowa City, IA and on Etsy at

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