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Gaia’s Adornments – Part 2

December 6, 2011

“Gaia” is an ancient goddess of the Earth.  She created herself out of the chaos of the universe.  She was the “prime mover”…and is an entity, living and viable.  We stand upon her daily, her breath is our air, her adornments is the foliage surrounding us.

It was a scientist by the name of James Lovelock that brought the name to the forefront. He was studying the environment and came to the concept that the Earth was an entity.

Gaia Hypothesis:

“This postulates that the physical and chemical condition of the surface of the Earth, of the atmosphere, and of the oceans has been and is actively made fit and comfortable by the presence of life itself…Life does not regulate or make the Earth comfortable for itself…I now think that regulation, at a state fit for life, is a property of the whole evolving system of life, air, ocean, and rocks.”

-James Lovelock

This line of jewelry that I have named “Gaia’s Adornments” is completely and thoroughly created with:

1.  The healing properties of semi-precious stones

2.  The healing properties of certain metals in the components within the jewelry

3.  An elegant and yet earthy design

4.  Quality work

Tribal Copper Leaf Heart Chandelier Earrings

Stones were used from the days of the ancient Egypt, and in Native American Indian cultures (Northern and Southern hemispheres) to heal the physical body and etherical body.  Copper is an alloy used since primordial time to heal arthritis. I will publish a comprehensive list of the healing properties of the stones in my work at a later post.

If you would like to see my work close-up go to Lorenz Shoe Store in Iowa City, IA.  It’s in the baskets hanging by the register!

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  1. January 19, 2012 11:36 pm

    2 Peter 3 5,6 speaks heavens that were past tense and an earth, which had created by means of the word Logos of God.

  2. February 1, 2012 10:11 pm

    Well. I stand on terra firma, and can look up to the expansive sky. I treasure both because they sustain me. This is MY view of the world.

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