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Gaias Adornments – Part 3

December 20, 2011

The earliest of my work involved seed beads and cabochons.  The backing was made with thin suede or brain-tan, in order to create a “finished” piece.  I would carefully choose my beads in order for the beading to lay nicely on the work.

Along with the finished look, I will closely examine how a piece hangs [if an earring].  Does it complement the neckline? Does it accentuate the side of face? Aesthetically pleasing pieces are my goal.

Some of the images from that earlier time is shown below:

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You will find that I love to use Turquoise in my work, as well as red coral. Something about the two laying side-by-side resonates within my being.

Lately, I have been doing research into how semi-precious stones were used in a variety of cultures and the metals the cultures use. Many cultures have used turquoise as a centerpiece to jeweled pieces.

As well as these semi-precious stones and metals, other natural materials are also interesting to me.  These natural materials would include wood, shells, pearls, and bone. Funny, in sense…due to my dietary choices!

I consider clay and glass as natural materials.  Ceramic beads are fired, and usually glazed.  The clay is made of earth and then heated to certain temperatures to harden. The main component in glaze for ceramics is also the main component for glass, silicone.  In a sense, these two are like butterflies…the process for making ceramics and glass is a metamorphosis from one form into another, a most beautiful creation.

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