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New Year

January 10, 2012

Wintertime is the part of the year where we become reflective.  We ruminate over the mistakes we made in the past year. We reflect our faux pas and pat our backs on the things done well.  It’s the time of clearing out the residue and making resolutions for a brand new year of successes. Another year older and hopefully a little wiser in the decisions we make through the year.

Into the month of January, since just before Christmas, this is what I have been doing.  Looking at the old modus operandi in my personal life and in my creative life, pondering how my product can be the best representation of my aspirations and philosophy in life.  While at the same time, considering what you (the customer) really desires or actually needs.


All this while culling out unwanted items in my studio, organizing my supplies, creating a DESTASH COLLECTION for sale in order to buy what I don’t have but really need.  I have everything under the sun for creating many different things, time to hone it down and focus in.

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