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Analysis of Market Part 1

January 12, 2012

A couple weeks ago I bought a 2012 calendar and date book. Then I spent the next two days setting-up an office space in which to work, right down the center of my studio. It is a long table, with two printers, a scanner and of course, trusty computer.  One end is used for doing small artworks, or for setting up a table-top easel.

I even organized my filing system and did a clearing-out and organizing my files on my computer! Wow, now that was interesting! I created new online banners, so that the logo, avatar and banner all coordinated together…to have my “brand” coordinate and be recognizable.

A fold-over piece

I dug out the sketch book the other day and began drawing out my ideas.  Possible new lines of products that I hope will be introduced through this coming year.

I thoughtfully asked the questions about you, the potential buyer, as I sketched new designs. My customer…

Who are you? I am trying to visualize the lifestyle choices you make. What is your philosophy in life? What are your hobbies? I see someone who is intelligent, informed on today’s issues, interested in doing something about global warming, maybe even a minimalist…as a demonstration of that concern.

You may be taking Yoga classes or T’ai Chi, like to go to museums, or walk in the park. You are concerned about eating healthy, maybe a Vegan like I am.  You chose alternative healing when you’re not feeling well. You buy handmade as often as you can, from Indie businesses.  Or at least buy local.

Does what I make fit into what you want? What is it that you want? What do you need? How would it be packaged to inform you of its use while creating a pleasing appearance?

I use natural materials when-ever possible, I re-purpose items to make my art when-ever possible, my jewelry line (Gaia’s Adornments) has healing semi-precious stones and metals with healing properties. Energy healing is one of the oldest methods of healing and a good alternative. Much of my artwork has the natural world depicted in it, with inspirational phrases.

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