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Nature – Part 1

February 19, 2012

The signature of my work is th bulbous wild plant-life, some with growths that have faces, some spewing spore-like substances. The newest works show the bulbous plant-life with butterflies and flowers…and words of inspiration.

Why do it? At first, it was just where the drips of water led me.  I would begin with a layer of paint,  then after the second layer I would splash water and dab it off. That is quite literally the beginning of it.

Occasionally other creatures would come out of the layers upon layers of application and water splashing.  One painting has the “Green Man” peering into the wood-like growths of  bulbous plants.

It was while in my garden that I realized why.  I resonate with the green world.  One year, I planted Melissa because the bee population had thinned.  Why not give those that are left something that attracts them, that THEY love?

Lemon Balm - In the Garden

It was then that I discovered the problem with the dwindling bee populations, black wasps would attack and kill the little baby bees. After a few days of this, big fat bumble bees came and drove off the black wasps. My garden was humming with bees after, and then the humming birds came. I would work the garden, none being bothered or bothering me.

People “use” nature to their own demise. Nature will work with you, if you respect it.  Respecting not just in your words, but in your deepest soul, from your heart.  It will work contrary if you attack it, disrespect it, try to purge parts of  it with technology or chemicals. What will grown in place of what is purged?

Genetically engineering the seeds will alter the natural balance. Eco-systems have delicate balances that provide homes and food for creatures as well.  When we meddle with the natural order of things, like some kind of GOD, then are we willing to accept the outcome?

Not just with the natural world but the affects it may have on the human organism? Do we know how genetic engineered plants will affect our body? Will it alter our own DNA? Would you really want to risk more birth defects? Yet, there are those who think they have that RIGHT.


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