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The Process

March 2, 2012

In my first year of taking my Master’s degree I took a course in multi-media drawing.  We used all manner of media, including sculpy clay. We had a project assigned, where we were to make 6 art pieces in series like a book.  The instructor had us watch a movie based on the “Tempest”.

This course introduced me to collage work. I fell in love. With collage you can add, tear-away, scratch into, partially cover, or completely bury in paint the various papers. It adds a unique dimension to the art.

In this blog, I am going to use the example of what I did when I made a textured heart for Valentine’s Day. The finished work, below:

Be My Valentine Heart

finished piece

The first step was to finely sand the wood, to smooth-out the surface. Then two layers of gesso were applied, one in each direction, in order to keep the wood from absorbing all the paint.

The next step was to add strips of newspaper. These were applied with Mod Podge. Then a carefully selected group of cut-out shapes from old calendars, magazines, etc.  I had only one leaf, but it went on one of the hearts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once this initial layer was completed, then the alternation of painting and paper begins!  Below is the first stage:

layered papers on the hearts

Finally, the final touches are added, such as the stamping of “XO”, and “Be Mine” on the hearts (see the slide show). I also added a little rose to the piece.

But to “finish” a piece like this, the back must be done! I had extended the layered papers to the back, around the borders, about two inches. It was then painted partially. Then cut a heart out of corrugated red paper.  That smaller heart was glued  to the back. Then the metallic hanger nailed onto the heart.

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