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Herb of the Month-March

March 12, 2012

In my blog for BellBookNCandle, is the “Herb of the Month” Echinacea. Here, I am going to discuss the painting that was created using the flower of that herb.

I had the Echinacea plant for three years straight.  I took it indoors and placed the plant in a southern window as soon as the nights began to cool.  What was my reasoning for this sort of nurturing care of the plant? It takes three years for the roots to fully develop their healing properties!

While outside, I enjoyed the beauty of the flower, watched it grow in the sun, smelled the aromatic scent it released. I fed the plant mulch, coffee grounds and used tea leaves.  The bees loved this plant, much to my delight!

It struck me that this plant was a powerhouse healer.  I began to think about the methods used by various Indigenous tribes to express the use of herbs (medicines) in their healing ritual. One day I came across a yarn painting that had belonged to my mother.  She had spent many summers with my brother, in Mexico, with a Huichol Medicine man.  This was the first time I really sat with the painting and explored the elements within it.

Around all the people, animals and plants were several lines (created by yarn).  These lines were various brilliant colors and sometimes white.  Then the light came on in my brain.  These would indicate an auric energy!

I then got excited.

Grabbing my camera, I ran outside and took photographs of the plants in my garden and those that were in pots along the steps going up to the front porch.  One of them was the Echinacea plant pictured here on this page.  It was intended to be the first in a series.  That series will resume with this project.

Echinacea photo

Next blog: a tea recipe for Echinacea.  Be sure to read my blog at BellBookNCandle where the plant is discussed!


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