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Alternative Healing

March 14, 2012

Now to talk about my favorite topic: the healing qualities of art.  As per usual, it is considered last for therapeutic purposes. Art therapy as a field of study is found in the Psychology Department and mainstream psychologists do not give it credence.

Woman of the Earth I - Colored Pencil

Woman of the Earth I - 2002 - Colored Pencil

From my research, it is mainly used for the mentally impaired.  Art Therapy has been used for Trauma victims, as a means to rehabilitate them.

It personally annoys me that in order to train in this field, that it would involve five years of coursework in Psychology.  It is after the Master’s degree level that one certifies as an Art Therapist.

It is predominately two areas of crafts that are used: weaving and pottery. Although painting and drawing are used almost as much.

But, as in any other alternative healing mode, there are ways to utilize the therapeutic properties of art. The journal is one very powerful method.  It can be just written, or just art, or both. I recommend this method very strongly to all my students…whether they are in my typical alternative healing courses or they are in my college classes!

You can use a binder with both lined and unlined papers. Thicker paper if you plan to use liquids. Or you can use a sketchbook, where the written portions can be on the page, showing or hidden, or glued into the book.  Another choice is to stitch art papers together to make your own journal book.

Anyone can do this process. You do not have to have any skill in any medium. You can also add collage elements if you are so inclined. The level or quality of the art work completed in the journal is your own choice. You can use dividers to create sections within the journal by topic or medium or both.

~More on this process, next week!

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