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Herb Of the Month Echinacea

March 20, 2012

The Queens: Echinacea Flower. Copr. Donna Duncan, 2008-9

After going out and taking the photographs, then I placed all of them into Photo Shop.  Instead of just cropping and working on the highlights and contrast, I worked with other tools to create the imagery that was necessary for an appearance of an aura. I wound up with not only an aura around the Echinacea plant, but layers within that aura.

The next step was the enlargement of the imagery.  I have a machine that does enlarge images as small as a wallet sized photo.  I printed the image out on photo paper, and then used the machine to enlarge the flower. Not just enlarge it, but moved it around to capture the exact image you see on my canvas!

I used a particular palette of colors: Quinacridone Rose, Cobalt Blue, Hansa Yellow light, Sap Green, and Titanium White. My method of painting always involves a limited palette and working with this palette by mixing colors. I started using the limited palette back in 1986, and that practice has continued  to this day.

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