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Herbal Mondays

March 26, 2012

Echinacea Flowers

Next week begins a new month, and with it a new flower.  I haven’t even begun the work on the flower, but did decide which one will be the next of the “Queens”.

Since a lot of my artwork is based on Medieval concepts, I thought I would share the concepts of flowers and their spiritual qualities. Through the Medieval times, and into the Renaissance, are many paintings that have gardens and/or trees and flowers within the scene. The reason was because the flowers and trees that were depicted had symbolic meaning.

For example, a scene with a woman in the garden holding a lily flower. The lily flower is symbolic of purity. Not so much the physical idea, or virginity…but the purity of the soul.

It is often seen in imagery of the Madonna. It’s presence in the painting (usually in her hand) indicates her heavenly aspiration, a concentrated purity of the soul. Hers is “a soul that is freed from the imbalance of ‘good and evil’ (O’Rush, 80).”

In folklore, the lily is “a signature of feminine sexuality (Ibid).” That same folklore teaches that if a man were to step on a lily he would ruin “the purity of his womenfolk (Ibid.)”. We can see this as stepping on (or disrespecting) the feminine needs of the woman within his family or community; or the feminine principle i.e. the nurturing aspect of the soul.

In many ways this is the actual case in our modern times. We (as a society) denigrate all types of feminine aspects in life, such as: intuition. Our television shows depict characters who are psychic either as using trickery, or have brain tumors.

On a more mundane level, the laws that the Congressional body of the United States are trying to pass, grind the feminine aspect into dust. Not considering that a woman can make decisions on medical procedures without the assistance of any man nor the law.

Another concept from folklore regarding the lily is that it keeps ghosts away. Its presence in the garden will protect us from unwanted visitors, and actually assists the ghosts to move on to the other realms in a gentle and healing manner.

Hop on over to and read more information regarding the herb: Echinacea

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