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Alternative Healing Wednesdays

March 27, 2012

Creativity is a part of the human make-up.  We express ourselves in all sorts of ways. So, where does simple crafting cross the line into a fine art? This would be when the crafter has expressed their unique character, in the artwork completed.  Until one finds the pathway leading them to the special way of expression, the act of crafting is purely therapeutic.

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Research has shown that our brain’s primary language is imagery. When we emote, our brain translates it into images using the right side of the brain. The left side of the brain then translates the imagery into language.

Understanding the functions of our brain assists in the process of uncorking the creativity locked within our being. Both sides of the brain are necessary for all human activity, including crafting. The key is in understanding how each functions, and how our own brain works with the left and right brain orientation. Otherwise, we just are battling with our brain’s inclinations (Monson).

This is why we start one craft project, mentally planning the next project, while mentally thinking about what to cook for supper (multi-tasker /visually sees big picture -Right brain). Or you may think that everything else should be done first, THEN we can craft for “X” amount of time (logical/linear left brain).  These are just two examples.

The Left Brain

–          Uses concrete analysis

–          Sees and deals with the parts of something / specifics

–          Critical thinking based on logic

–          Focuses externally

–          Linear / sequential / step-by-step processes

–          One task accomplished at time

–          Has clear priorities / makes lists

–          Focuses on details and facts / and make decisions on the facts

–          Reads instruction manuals

–          A planner

–          Is time bound

–          Future oriented

~Next week will cover the RIGHT BRAIN and CREATIVITY.



Monson, Nancy. Craft to Heal. Hats Off Books, 2005.

Beam, Lisa Sonora.  The Creative Entrepreneur. Quarry Books, 2008

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