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Nutrition Fridays

March 30, 2012
Mediterranean Food Pyramid

Mediterranean Food Pyramid

On my other blog, For the last couple of weeks and continuing into the next week, is a discussion about diets.  The diet I most recommend is the Mediterranean Diet.

What is uniquely characteristic about this diet, is the fact that exercise and social/community activities are included.  It is all about enjoying the art of cooking good wholesome food, and eating that food with family and friends.

With the American habit of everything at the speed of light, its time to slow-down. Stop and smell the roses, so-to-speak. Have good conversation sitting at a table over delicious foods. When was the last time you sat at the table with the whole family and had a real conversation?

We need to slow the pace down.  Enjoy what we have in front of us.  Our children already are away from us all day during the week.

Keep the topic light.  The meal-time  hour is not for critical words, arguments, disciplining for lack of school work.  That should be done some another time! Discuss the next outing with the family and get input as to what they want to do, for example.

Instead of watching the television during a meal, play soft music.  Delay television time until later.   After the meal, everyone scrapes of their plates, and stacks it for washing then do something outside (if the weather is nice) as a family, or if the weather is inclement find indoor activities to do with the family as a whole.  Such as active games. But, don’t get too conscious of time.

In the Mediterranean countries the evening is the time for community socialization.  It is when everyone goes for a walk through the village or town, and talks to their neighbors.  Maybe stop and enjoy a cup of wine with friends or family.

As a society, we have begun to close-off human contact. Facebook is the new social venue, where we are not in contact with any human.  We “tweet”, text, and do social media constantly.  Studies have shown that humans need contact and interaction to maintain health, and for longevity.

Be sure to cruise on by my “sister site” and read about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet!

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