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Alternative Healing Wednesdays

April 4, 2012

Last week I listed the Left Brain functions, and promised you the list of Right Brain functions.  Knowing how your own brain functions is helpful!

Right Brain

–          Manifests unconscious awareness

–          Follows their “gut”

–          Deals with the whole, i.e. how the parts work together

–          Active use of fantasy and imagination

–          Internally focused

–          Uses random, circular, simultaneous thought patterns

–          Skips around / a multi-tasker

–          Keeps the “to-do” list in the mind

–          Can imagine the big picture

–          Focuses on how something is said (feelings)

–          Learns by doing or by seeing a picture

–          Makes decisions by feelings

–          Is fluid /chaotic /unstructured /timeless

–          Utilizes mind-mapping, brainstorming, etc.

–          Impatient with the “hows” and wants to know the “whys”

Spirit of Place: If Nothing Ever Changed-No. 2

If Nothing Ever Changed, There Would Be No Butterflies No.2

The Creative Person

Many people will say “But, I am not creative”! Maybe the reason is that you follow the steps others take to make a craft item, or you follow a pattern.  So, you think you are “just doing crafting”.

The way people learn is by following the steps of another.  Or by taking pieces and putting them together (following a pattern). Let me tell you, even I will use patterns or emulating what someone else has done.

This does not mean you are not creative! It means you are learning a process of crafting or art. That process never will end as long as you are alive!

When you choose one set of colors over another, when you pick one pattern instead of choosing a different one, you are using the creative process. Every human being has potential creative abilities.  How far you go with nurturing that latent ability is up to you!



Monson, Nancy. Craft to Heal. Hats Off Books, 2005.

Beam, Lisa Sonora.  The Creative Entrepreneur. Quarry Books, 2008


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