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Herbal Mondays

April 9, 2012


Still have not begun the artwork. I have made several other things with the actual rose.  I made rosewater lemon aide, made an infusion with rose hips, created a cream and a lotion with rose petals (after making the infusion of rose petals).

This is the process. Immerse myself in the subject…and right now the subject is the rose, and it’s healing qualities.  What better way to delve deep than to eat it, slather it on the skin, infuse it…and yet, I am drawing a blank.  Zip, de nada, and nothing. C’est la vie.  It is the way of the artist…sometimes you are “in the zone” and sometimes its a big fat ZERO!

Unfortunately, I am no longer living where I can grow my own garden.  And lately, I have been feeling real disconnected from momma earth and her delightful creations! I think the next step in my process is to go the park/gardens and sit amongst the roses and sketch.  I will see what transpires…wish me luck!

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