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Alternative Healing Wednesdays

April 11, 2012

We, as a society, are stuck in a rut.  Our “rut” is thinking that healing can be quick-fixed.  What we want is instant gratification!  “Give me a pill” or “I want to feel better now” is the general attitude that I am seeing.

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Well, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you pig-out on 16 ounce steaks constantly, eat junk food with carbonated drinks, do recreational drugs, are an A-type personality that has no idea how to de-stress, relax, or unplug…you will get sick. It’s that simple.  Sorry, no drug is available for ignoring reality.

…and I have been nice so far.

Here is the straight truth: you need to do the hard work. You need to do as said in the movie: “wax on, wax off”. Or as the book stated: “Chop the wood, carry the water”. O.k. enough with the sayings, bottom line, get off your lazy fanny and do the hard work!

No one else can get you well, or prevent illness for you!

So, now your job is to find the creative activity within the field of crafting…and learn how to do it.  Don’t approach half-way either!

For example: you want to learn to sew? You will need a sewing machine! Don’t stop there, get it out and use it! Start simple, and either buy a beginner’s book or take a short course. Creative individuality comes AFTER you learn the basics, not before…not during…AFTER.

Am I being harsh? Not really.  I am trying to get through to you.  You control your own destiny. You are the “prime mover” of your life.  You can create the change you wish to see in your life. 

If you stop medicating you begin to have clarity. Your body no longer is having to process chemicals.  I would advise here, to consult your doctor before quitting any psychotropic drugs, as you could have seizures. I am talking about the over-the-counter stuff: Your acid-reflux, head-ache, and indigestion pills.

Pick a craft to do that looks interesting to you.  Purchase what you need to do the craft (second-hand if possible, in case you find you do not like it) and start to learn how.  Craft, instead of video gaming or watching television! I would like to hear about your experiences in crafting, too.

Remember: you are the change you want to see in your life!

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