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Nutrition Fridays

April 13, 2012


There is an art to making a tea.  The Japanese have a whole ritual.  Fortunately, we do not necessarily need to pick through various dried leaves for making tea.

What you do need is a nice porcelain tea pot, preferably large enough for everyone you plan to serve.  A six cup pot is a reasonable size.  A “cup” usually meaning about 6 ounces.  Buy or make a cover for your pot, to keep the tea warm while it steeps.

Photo by Donna Duncan

Take a medium sized sauce pan to heat up your water.  While it heats, place your tea into the pot.  Some pots have a center piece for holding the tea.  If using loose tea leaves, I use an unbleached coffee filter cut to size. When your water is hot, pour slowly into the pot, place the lid upon the pot and cover your pot.

I have several bamboo trivets that I use for hot items to rest upon. You may like one for your tea pot, while it is steeping. Steep your tea at least 5-8 minutes for social drinking.  During the time it is steeping,  is a good time to get your healthy muffins, home baked breads, or something similar.  Place honey, margarine, and the like out for your spread. Of you would need cups, and saucers if you have them.

Now you are ready for a “tea-party”! Serving tea is a wonderful way to open up conversation with any number of guests you have invited to the home. Now relax…pour your tea, and enjoy good conversation!

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