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Alternative Healing Wednesdays

April 25, 2012

Continuing with the use of art as healing modality…

Creating art is cathartic.  Emotional scars and wounds can cause you to become ill, doing art doesn’t just release the emotions it starts the rejuvenation process.  It does not matter what type of art you make, just create it!

The intent and process of the artwork, no matter what sort of work being done, will transport you and envelop you with peace. Just this alone makes it all worthwhile.

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In the above artwork are the media of acrylic paint and layered collage papers of all sorts.  I did the work using the phrasing “Life is Change, Growth is Optional…Chose Wisely”. I finished the work at a friend’s house in July 2011.

What was going on then? I was living in an apartment I could not afford to live in, and chose to move out my things…and living pretty much out of my car.  It is not a fun experience at age 59!  I had been hunting for work for over a year, not able to pay my bills and harassed daily by bill collectors.

I am disabled.  My bed was a blow-up bed that could be rolled up and slipped into the trunk easily.  I was seeing a chiropractor up until that point, but when I left the apartment I could not afford, that meant no care.  Chiropractic treatments kept me from becoming Quasimodo’s twin sister.

If you are dealing with a traumatic experience, you do not have to show your work to anyone.  It is yours alone.  But, you may feel compelled to share.  That is alright. But even if the purpose is to express your emotions over the loss of mobility due to arthritis or something similar, just create!

Keep in mind healing takes place on many levels. Crafting is an excellent outlet, as is any other kind of creative process. Writing, sewing, painting, are just some examples of art that can be done.

Don’t limit yourself.

My personal medium is acrylic paint.  I am a fine artist.  I also do work in a multitude of other media, including sewing!  I see no difference in a still life painting, scrapbook page, a machine-sewn set of curtains, or re-purposed altered cigar box!



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