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Alternative Healing Wednesdays

May 2, 2012

On the Alternative Healing Wednesdays I have been exploring the use of crafting as vehicle for the healing process.  Art therapy has been used for a variety of purposes, but especially for trauma.

free image collage of nine pictures for crafting

Art is also a useful tool for stress-reduction, and anxiety.  It has long been said that the process of creating releases certain reactions in the body that mimics the endorphins produced during exercise.  It also is “food for the soul.  The following is a list of things that producing artwork or creating crafts can be of benefit:

The loss of a child due to SIDS

Anxiety Disorder

Life Events, such as: Divorce, Death in a family, Diagnosis of long-term debilitating diseases, Moving

Stress Reduction

Raising Self-Esteem

Depression [Those suffering after 09/11 – see pages 38-9 in “Craft to Heal”]

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dealing with other’s disabilities/as a caregiver or provider

Reducing the affects of life-altering diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.  Published studies suggest that engaging in cultural and intellectual activities, such as ballroom dancing, playing a musical instrument, or working a crossword puzzle…(Monson, 48)” reduces Alzheimer’s risks and other studies have shown that asthma and rheumatoid arthritis reduce the symptomatic results by the process of creating journals.

In my own experience, it was the journey back to my creative self through drawing, journaling and painting that helped me immensely through my own health issues.  My taking courses to learn about alternative healing was the remaining portion of the process.

It is by no means a cure, but assists.  No talent is necessary.  Only the desire to learn how to create using crafts! Can you develop talent in the area of crafting? It is possible with practice and focused intent.  Doing so will assist with your self-esteem.  You do not have to make crafting your vocation, nor sell your work! But it can be a wonderful outlet and can be done instead of the usual pass-times.

Reference: Monson, Nancy.  Craft to Heal. Hats Off Books, 2005

Next week: The Spiritual Benefits of Crafting

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