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Finally Home

June 8, 2012

Finally Home!

Yes, I am BACK from Alaska! Had a really good time up there…Alaska is the place of perpetual sunshine or perpetual winter. Yes, it was odd having the sun set at 2 a.m. Even then the sun only bounced just below the horizon, creating a twilight rather than darkness.

On my way back to Anchorage to catch the plane home. This is a park we stopped to check it out and let the kids stretch their legs.

I had time to get to really know my grandsons.  Love them both! One turned three right after I got to Alaska (we share a birthday). The other grandson is six.  The six year-old is a rather serious soul, unless you tickle it out of him.  The three year-old is boisterous and quite independent.

But, now I am back…

My travel back was very long…19 hours total.  I had an unexpected lay-over in Salt Lake City.  Once I got home, I unpacked and then repacked.  I had an art fair planned with a demonstration to give.  I got home Wednesday evening, and left again Friday morning.

I will talk about the fair in the next blog…

Monday I visited a friend ½ hour away from where the art fair took place.  We had a good afternoon of fun, after that I traveled home.  And I then unpacked again.

I had all sorts of things planned for Tuesday.  I woke up on Tuesday and said to myself “are you nuts?!?” Instead, read a book and generally acted the total and complete bum.

Now after a Chiropractic visit, some shopping, and re-sort of all my supplies, and updating all my various online shops I am blogging.  My plan is to do a week or two in advance, in order to work on my art.

Here is how my schedule will look for my blogs:

Monday’s Blog (June 11th):  The blog about the Arts Festival

Wednesday’s Blog (June 13th):  “Queens” series, June’s flower (no I am not telling you what it is!)

Friday’s Blog (June 15th):  Updates on the newest jewelry

Monday’s Blog (June 18th): “Queen Rose” from the “Queens” series – my progress

Wednesday’s Blog (June 20th): Alternative Healing Wednesday – Color

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