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Jewelry Updates

June 15, 2012

Updates on the Newest Jewelry

The last batch of jewelry was done mostly using Turquoise beads.  I found reconstituted turquoise at first.  Then found online 2mm round Chinese beads on Etsy. The last set of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings were made with barrel beads.  These beads were 14-15mm long and measured 10mm wide.

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I used a variety of red beads on the different necklaces.  Red-dyed shell, plastic, red coral heishi beads and red coral beads.  For many ancient cultures the color red represented the earth and the earth goddess.  The turquoise represented the spirit realm. Earth and sky, these were the ancient connections to who we once, as a human race, connected spiritually.

The other portion of my exploration for jewelry creation was the use of portions of my own paintings, shrunk to fit small (18mm to 15mm) metal plates with glass domes fitted atop. The idea came from a bunch of pieces that I had made by an Etsy shop online (no longer there, unfortunately). The shop owner used glass tile and adhered my images to the glass.

I first attempted my own creations with a technique I learned about from a blog, a couple  years ago, using Judikins Amazing Glaze.  The glaze comes in a powder form, and is baked at a low temperature (175 degrees).  They came out beautifully! Unfortunately, the glaze does not hold up to wear and tear that is inherent in jewelry. After about a year, the edges began to chip and cracks appeared in the surface.

I have trouble with strong scents.  Hence the reason I do not paint with oil.  Many resins tend to have strong odors.  I also cringe at the thought of something made using unnatural materials (an issue I have now with my own paintings, in Acrylic).  I look for natural materials when I can use them, and if I cannot…minimalize its use.

When I stumbled upon the domed glass, the find was a prayer answered!  I have experimented and taken apart many pieces of jewelry before using the method demonstrated at my booth in Iowa City. It seems to work well, and makes lovely pieces of jewelry!

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