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that gypsy in me

June 25, 2012

There is something about the appeal of traveling the country, doing art fairs! That gypsy in me comes out, and tries to dance around the fire. But, there is more to consider when actually planning it.

Besides the usual purchases, such as the canvas booth and weights, tables and displays, materials to make enough items to sell, material to sew for a decorative and inviting touch, and crafts fair fees…there is the cost of gas, lodging and food. Today I tackled the research on lodging.  A cross-country venture would not be cost-effective if one used only motels and hotels. Camping became the next choice.

This would mean what? Possibly tents, or a pop-up camper would work. But, for me these do not seem viable.  Imagine a full day at a booth in 110 degree weather, and then camping in either option over-night. Whew! By day three, you would be in the emergency room for heat exhaustion…well, at least I would.  I am no spry spring chicken any more!!

I checked RVs.  Out of the question for me.  Huge, cumbersome things…and costly.  Not to say much about the price for getting from one place to the next!

I like the Scamp trailers, the image above is from the showroom images on their site, of their 13 foot camper trailer.  The floor plans are nice! I would not need to purchase another vehicle to haul it.

But, no prices are listed! Bathroom installation is “optional”, and so is air conditioning…and well, both would have to be included! In fact all the amenities like a refrigerator, heater furnace, battery pack, electric brakes, exterior electrical outlet, power range hood…would all be “optional”.

With a camper trailer, food costs would stay lower. You can fix your meal within the trailer! The Scamp trailers advertise as not creating a pull on the engine of the vehicle used or more costs for gas.

Until the day comes “that my ship rolls in”, I will be working closer to home! Meanwhile, I will just be doing inventory-building, getting the booth canopy, and creating my design for the booth, while selling my work through brick-and-mortar shops on consignment and through my Etsy Shop!

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