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Designing Process

July 2, 2012

Designing Process

A month ago, I was looking at the Fall/Winter 2012 forecast for the fashion industry.  A green color was one that I decided to explore.

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Then, while looking at these various color charts and fabric swatches, certain colors stood out for me. One was the dripping hot pink, another was turquoise (my favorite) then a green. It is slightly darker than Peridot green.

The choice came down to dyed jade nuggets, and small green quartzite.  Then the choice was what findings to use with these stone beads.  The decision was 14k gold and brass. The store had round gold filigree that are size 8mm.

Peridot Green and Gold Filigree- side of the tray

This view shows the earrings, upper portion of the bracelet and finally, the necklace. All my original design. Do not copy!

The costs for this particular design, are rather high.  Therefore, t he price for customers would be higher than most of my jewelry pieces. The images here are my design concepts, not to be copied.

The finished work will be posted next.  14k gold is harder to work with than the usual silver or bronze/brass.  Gold is harder to bend.


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  1. July 4, 2012 4:04 am

    Very nice! I’ve been looking at the Fall/Winter colors too! I really like that green, and I think you’ve captured it well 🙂

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