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Samples and Portfolios

July 11, 2012

Samples and Portfolios

Across the Bay From Llansteffan No. 2

Across the Bay From Llansteffan No. 2 – Partial

Because of the tendency to have all of the samples of artist’s work to be in digital form only, I felt it important to discuss other ways to show an artist’s body of work.  This blog will discuss two types of documentation: jewelry and painting-media.

Portfolios should open with an artist’s statement, bio, and contact information.  Then the next few pages should have at least 12 images.  The images need to be of superior quality and for at least one of the works, more than one view of a work (if 3-dimensional, like jewelry).

After the images would be your listing of shows and / or stores in which your work has been or is located.  This would be a demonstration of the nature of your professional life as an artist. Immediately after the list would be any news articles, small-scale sized posters, etc.

The final pages should be a a “Press kit” or “media kit”.  It should include all the usual items, such as your business card, letterhead, brochure (with color images) and a postcard.  If you have a logo, it should be on all the pieces.

Logo for Metamorphis Arts

Logo for Metamorphis Arts

I would also recommend that you put together a power point presentation with the same information that is in the physical portfolio.  Both the power point and the physical portfolio must have recent work.

The physical portfolio and power point presentation should both have nothing older than one year, preferably 6 months.  The one exception is if you decide to show a progression of your work.  If you decide to do the latter it should be between the Artist’s information such as the bio and statement, and the 12 pieces (as examples).

If you design jewelry or its components a group of samples would be wise.  You need only a few to show the nature of your work.  My sample bag has a roll-up capability, where all the pieces are lain on black velvet-like fabric and attached.  When unrolled they can be viewed.

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