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Almost done…

November 21, 2012

The fall semester is almost done.  I have been working on a 20 page paper for a 400-level course in Sicangu Community Histories.  It has expanded to 28 pages!

This paper has been real difficult to write, only because of the realities I see while I write about how it all happened.  It’s on Treaties, but the paper also addresses the causative factors.  In reality, the effects are felt even to this day.

Some of the research has led me to information that really made me angry. It is interesting to read the motivations for the attempted destruction of a whole way of life for the Lakota people.  The worst of all philosophies from the church: Manifest Destiny.  A mere excuse to trample on other nations.

So you are probably wondering if I am going to share this paper.  Well, yes I am!!  So I am going to break it up into smaller chunks, to allow for easier reading.

Time to get back to editing my final draft!!

This image is of the students at the Carlisle School, a boarding school where many children were sent.  They were forced to leave their home and their families.


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