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Where am I Heading?

September 13, 2013

Since moving to the Rosebud Reservation, my direction in life has shifted.  I started out with the intent of finishing a degree begun many years ago.

That degree was Cultural Resource Management, which would include assisting Native people with the return of cultural items taken during the 1800s by the military. Another aspect of what it would include is survey of sites known to be traditional native sites and/or monitoring the sites.

Dedicated. Watercolor on paper. 2001

Dedicated. Watercolor on paper. 2001

[The artwork you see above is one of my earlier paintings, please do not copy]

The remaining courses necessary to finish this degree program was Sicangu Community Histories, CRM III, and CRM Research, as well as 2 field survey classes.  The first three are face-to-face, the latter two would be somewhere in the field. I finished the face-to-face courses.

At the same time as re-starting that particular degree, I began studies as a childbirth educator.  It is more of a personal interest and would augment other courses I have taken in healing work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love art.  But unfortunately, the art scene has its gender bias.  Unless you are married to someone who is a public figure or a famous artist, most female artists do not gain a real successful life (or incomes from) just doing their art.

Added to that issue is the slump in the economy.  I have been showing my artwork at galleries, but transporting the artwork is costly.  I used to make sales at showings of my artwork, but during this last year, none of sold.

Teaching art has been paying the bills. I enjoy the work!  But, the economy as it is dictates that other work is needed to pay the rising costs of living. I would rather do what I love, or something I am truly interested in, to earn my living.

As I continue down this pathway, I will be writing about the experiences I have while in school, and while exploring the work to come.  My artwork will continue of course, but the pace of completing the work will be much slower… and focusing on jewelry design more than painting (for awhile).

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