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30 Day Journal Project -Day 6

January 17, 2015


Today’s Journal Prompts:
When I create from my heart…

That is when I am able to get into the zone, the easiest. There is no judging my process at all, no critical thought, no worry about if it is a good artwork framed within design principles. It just IS.

When I create from my head…

The flow of my work becomes more conscious, less intuitive. I am aware of my mistakes and want to correct things immediately. I become more disjointed, critical, my self-language is negative, the work does not flow as well…the art and I communicate badly.

The difference between creating from my heart and my head is…

Like the difference between night and day, the difference between yin and yang, freedom and imprisonment. I cannot get into the flow of creativity with only my mind, my mind talks back to me. There are no interstitial spaces to find because the mind argues.

What I’ve learned about heart vs. head creating is…

Creating with the mind is not really my true creative being. Creating from the heart is freedom, connection to spiritual aspects of myself, healing, and pure joy.


With the heart and mind working in tandem, then I can be at one with creator and creation. Then the flow of my creative self is all one direction and in that flow, the eddies of the river of artistic being will not snag and twist at my creative flow.

Creator and I become ONE in the stillness of all that is… THE ART WORK becomes INTUITIVE, HEALING, AND FREEING.

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