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Day 23 #30DayJournal

February 24, 2015

The Inner Imperative.


Day 23-

Remember a time when you acted freely, unselfconsciously…

When in the Master’s program, while doing assigned work for classes. I worked from the time I came home ‘til well into the night on artwork and was totally “in the flow”!

This would mean: totally focused on the process, letting the doing of the work guide me. My thoughts were on the work, not about design principles / colors used / space used / why did I do this or that?

What did that feel like?

It felt wonderful. No sense of time passing, no concern about food, drink, or smoking…I was present / focused and in complete oneness. Totally ZEN in the process of the work.

What enabled you to take such free action?

I do not know what allowed it or enabled that to happen. It just was…

What was the reward for acting so freely?

My best artwork was done. I sold many of those artworks…

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