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Day 27 #30DayJournal

March 3, 2015

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If I were a lamp, I would…

Shine the light on what is blocking me, in all the various ways…
Or free the Genie, to assist me!



If I were a lifeboat, I would…

Float through all of the hinky stuff, the crazy / drama-making stuff which are like tall reeds and jettys beside the stream.  I would be able to get through the reeds without any problem, I would be able to see into the water and understand why I am spinning in little circles.

To be a ladder means…

That I could climb out and see the light of day. It would mean that help was extended to me…

I could reach the sky and talk to spirit, maybe get some clear answers.


I can help someone’s soul heal by…

Understanding their “stuck” points, what are snagging them up, like the reeds in the water, or the whirling jetties at the curves and the edges of the stream (of life) that make people spin in circles getting nowhere.

Find images that represent the lamp, lifeboat and ladder (or draw or paint them) and put them in your journal.

You see them above?

How has your creativity been a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder, in your own life?

In 2004, I had no friends that understood my spiritual side. I decided to create classes to teach aspects of my healing and spirituality, and possibly find others of like mind.

I found several people. Most of whom needed soul healing, but many who “got” me. I am still friends with a couple of them.

One moved to Chico, and I hardly get to speak with her. The other friend I met through someone who came to my classes. I had recently helped this friend with getting an apartment, she moved down the hall from me.

The lamp” aspect was the idea for the classes, i.e the lamp illuminates the issues and assists us to see the truth in the matter.
The “lifeboat” aspect was that in a sense it kept me from drowning, I could feel a sense of belonging.  i.e. a rowboat helps us in navigating through the issues or down the river [FLOW], keeps us from drowning.
The “ladder” aspect was that I was able to get perspective on my art, along with my healing work, i.e. gives us a means to reach creator/ess when we are stuck.

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